TIFIB #2 Knight of the Mission

Posted by Chris Korczak on

Oh, how I remember making character sheets exactly like these. I still have a folder of them from my AD&D 2e days, with names as original as "Subetai" (from the Conan movies). 

As usual, you can see the inflated super stats. I particularly enjoy the last line, "also as a gift he was given god like speed and strength". 

I wonder if he is still adventuring, or took up a nice retirement. 


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  • These posts are great to see! I loved all the little notes and sketches and such I found in the books in my first month’s shipment from your rpg subscription service. Would love to know what adventures the players went on, and the stories that were told!

    Price on
  • Yes! Amazing… thank you

    Aron Clark on

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