MegaTraveller Character Generator

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by Brooks Hester

There is an enormous amount of online content regarding the RPG 
Traveller, including some great Reddit pages

and Freelance Traveller, a fan operated site.
While digging through much of it I came across a fine character
generator. I have seen these before and very often they leave out
some vital mechanism or omit a piece that I might consider central to a
character’s creation.

For example: once I used an online generator that left out a line in the
“mustering out” table. Probably a computer glitch or programming error
but still, the opportunity for a player to roll a ship or a weapon is kind of a
big deal and it was not available.

However, I have found a really good one online and I wanted to link to it

Some of the unique features of this online creator are the fact that it does
not force you to select the draft if you cannot roll the branch of service that
you want. You can just keep trying for the branch that you prefer.

Another is it does not require you to leave the service you are in if the dice
come up a failed survival or mishap roll. These are both convenient if you
are trying to generate some colorful non player characters to add flavor to
your campaign.

Character generation has been described as a game unto itself in the
MegaTraveller universe (and in most of the other versions of Traveller).
This can easily take an hour or more rolling the dice and recording the
results. However, this great little tool reduces the entire process to less 
than fifteen minutes, records everything from the Universal Personality
Profile to the character’s Skills and Mustering out Benefits.

Best of all, it is all printable and ready for immediate use!

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