Bad Dice!

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So last night I was playing in an Eberron 5e game. 

I play a 1st level technology obsessed (and compulsive liar about numbers) gnome artificer named Nackie. 

I was running a bit late, and I couldn't find my gaming bag, that has my stuff in it, including dice. I had just bought a gaming collection, and it happened to have a bag of dice in it - lucky!

So I grab the bag, hop on my bike, and get to the game. 

Every single attack, skill check, initiative, you name it - failed, missed, or alerted the baddies I was coming. Sneak on a roof? STOMP STOMP STOMP. Fire my crossbow and a metal dog thing? Whoosh. Climb a wall with flair? Slam on the ground. 

We play about 6-10pm - at about 9ish, I realize what happened. This fella that I bought the collection from had three 20 sided dice that went from 0-9 - yknow, old school STYLE, where you color the numbers red or black to differentiate between 1-10 and 11-20. 

Except these dice were all the same color, like this photo from Nasco above. 

It was a rough night for Nackie - but a lesson learned. Don't lose your dice. 

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