Monthly Subscription Box of Random Used RPG Books!

Monthly Subscription Box of Random Used RPG Books!

As you can see from my inventory - I sell a good deal of RPG books. This means that a lot of times I get too many duplicates, or sometimes I cant figure something
out, and still yet I have books that don't quite make the cut for my regular retail business.

Now is your chance to get a random assortment of them - priced to MOVE!

I will fill a 4" deep box with as many books as I can - usually this comes out to 9-13 - but more or less depending on the thickness of the books. I will do my best to always send as many as possible.

These will not be junk. While there may be a couple that are a bit damaged - they will be perfectly fine for play use, and the vast majority of these books are in great shape. I just have too many. 

Use them for inspiration, bed time reading, or gut them and apply the innards to your own campaigns. 

Note: Image is representative only - the books you will get are random RPG manuals/modules/core books. 

Unfortunately I can only ship to the US as weight is an issue.